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Understanding and setting up your social media profile prior to engaging potential customers is imperative to your success. Join us at one of our local workshops and we can show you how! 

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Who is my IDEAL customer?

Who is my IDEAL customer?

Businesses often feel, that any customer is a good customer, but that is not necessarily true, you need to analyze it from a profitability standpoint as well, to make sure your invested time is rewarded
Why is it important to Market your Business?

Why is it important to Market your Business?

When you setup a business one of the fundamental questions you should ask yourself, is, how will I inform my potential clients that 1. I exist?, and 2. That I offer the products or services that they need?  If you haven’t considered that, then chances are no one will find out about what you do and it will be a slow climb to find customers.
Starting a new business, where to from here?

Starting a new business, where to from here?

So we discussed in no great detail the fundamentals of starting a new business, which incorporated the idea, the feasibility of the idea, and a plan to implement that idea, and I promised I would cover in a bit more detail, the “Business Plan”.  So what is a Business Plan? and why do we need it? Read on to learn more.

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