How and Why the OS Team Started

The OS team is a  team that has worked together for 13 years servicing businesses in the Gippsland and South Gippsland Area. Covering an area from Lakes Entrance, Phillip Island to Bunyip and Everywhere in between the team realised there was a need for assistance for small business in the local area.

The need being mentoring, advice and support and that is made up of a realm of topics specifically around branding, vision, team performance, cash-flow, getting your business to profits, digital marketing, social, re-creation of business plans or for those starting out their dream from the ground up.

Here's a bit more about the Team at OS and what they are about.

Darrel Hendricks

Meet Darrel our Data Partnership Specialist, Darrel brings years of experience and knowledge, particularly with start-up’s.

Darrel has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology working with corporates in Business Analysis and Project Management roles as well as working with Small to Medium Enterprises as a consultant.

He relishes the challenge of being a part of a team that creates something new and exciting. He particularly enjoys the passion within this team and the desire to create, evolve and grow. With this particular project I am most passionate about Mentoring Small Business… The thought of taking something in its infancy and providing the tools and knowledge to nature it through to maturity gives me great satisfaction, I believe that “our success is measured by yours”. 

 “Evolution is the key to success, don’t be afraid to evolve, and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way...


Cameron Newman

Meet Cam our Partnership Director, Many years of digital media sales experience, small business ownership & management of many national sales forces

Cam specialises in assisting you as a small business on how to better communicate who they are and what they do. This may take on several forms, it may well be as simple as how you manage your customer’s experience post sale or service. Cam focus at OS is around Small business as it can be difficult to manage – and small business owners are usually extremely busy running that business day to day.

A fresh perspective can often improve or further drive performance within a small business. He would like to provide perspective, with new ideas along with the ability to implement change (if necessary) within a small business.

Activity breeds activity.

"It may sound corny – however the more you do the more you achieve – if it is the right activity being achieved."

Kelly Bonacci

Partnership Manager, Kelly brings years of mentoring, coaching and building relationships with small businesses and staff.

My passion comes from 13 years in Gippsland working with small business, learning all about their business, their family business, their small business and learning their backstory is always so interesting. Allowing businesses to see their business from a birds eye view and a different perspective. The birds’ eye view often helps them to see exactly what is happening in their business and what we can leverage off further to make it a success together. My experience comes in the form or mentoring, training and developing staff on customer relationships and performance. I believe in the success of small business starts from the ground up, I am looking forward to working with local business whether it be building their business up as a start-up or a well-established business and reassessing their goals and focus.

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

The OS team does not have a one package fits all but more of a lets learn about your business "planting seeds together" "partnering with your business and learning about your business to work out what is it you need our support in.

You may not know what support you need, the team is experienced in assessing your business and working out the best areas for focus to get it to its optimum.

Yours in Partnership,

Team OS