Importance of Developing a Good Culture within a Business

Why is developing a good culture within an organisation so important?  The answer is quite simple..

Good Culture = Happy Employees = Successful Business

The most valuable asset in a business, is its people, without it, the business is just a shell. Any plans to grow and develop your business has to start with your employees, they are the foundation, the corner stone, and therefore need to be nurtured and nourished to achieve success. The key to this success, is creating a culture within your organisation, one that is welcoming, engaging, exciting and most of all desirable.

You need to develop a culture that recognises and embraces shared values, attitudes and standards, while embodying the organisations principals and goals. You have to reflect the same consistent image both internally and externally making a positive impression on employees as well as customers.

Developing a culture that fits your organisation means having a vision and building core values, attitudes, standards and beliefs around that vision and sharing that with both your employees and customers alike. The more you include your employees in the day to day operations planning and vision for the future, the greater the chance of garnering support that leads to significantly higher contributions from them. 

Here are some ideas around achieving a desired culture within an organisation:

  1. Collaboration: Keep your employees informed about developments within the organisation. Create a forum that allows all your employees to have some input, make them feel that they are contributing to the decision making process, and are an integral part of the overall direction and vision.
  2. Rewards: Reward good behaviour that exemplifies the organisations values and at the same time, demonstrate your willingness to enforce strict but fair consequences for behaviour that does not conform to your core values.
  3. Environment: Create an environment that’s welcoming, setup the office space that’s a happy medium between comfort and privacy. Offer desirable amenities like break-out areas for people to relax, ergonomic work space, coffee machine and snacks in the kitchen, plenty of parking spots… etc.
  4. Process: How you do things, goes a long way to creating the culture you desire, this includes your communication, your policies, team building, KPI’s, performance evaluations, clear delineation of responsibilities, and even down to how, when and where you conduct meetings. There has to be a clear and consistent message throughout all your processes.
  5. KPI’s: Setting key performance indicators that are specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant, helps to clearly define roles and responsibilities, which in turn drives productivity.
  6. Empowerment: Allow your employees the freedom to take on tasks, find solutions and manage and execute them to completion without to fear of being micro-managed, it will make them feel like they are contributing to, and are a part of the organisation.


Ultimately you as an organisation has to find the right metrics that work for you, embracing the above ideas doesn’t necessarily guarantee a great culture, but it certainly goes a long way to developing a good one.