Who is my IDEAL customer?

The key to identifying your ideal customer, lies in your ability to understand your product or service offering. What makes you so special? Why do you think your product or service appeals to a specific audience? What value proposition are you offering that no one else is? Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes and ask yourself what would I want? These are some of the essential metrics you will need to help you find the ideal customer.


Your ideal customer, could be someone who has a specific need that you can fill, or they might just be someone who appreciates the quality of service or product offering, or perhaps affordability appeals to them, whatever it is, finding the perfect customer fit for your business is a challenging task, and can be an ongoing process, so you need to always stay ahead of the game.


Businesses often feel, that any customer is a good customer, but that is not necessarily true, you need to analyze it from a profitability standpoint as well, to make sure your invested time is rewarded.


So how do you go about determining which of the above fits your business?  Well you can start with analyzing your existing customer base, and work out everything you can about them, Why they shop with you, what are their buying patterns? What’s their demographic?, and create a Social Profile that’s an ideal fit for your business. Or if you are a startup, and don’t have the benefit of a customer base, then you will have to use the metrics identified earlier to create that ideal customer profile, and also adopt a trial and error approach, learning, fashioning and redefining that profile as your business grows.


Either way, finding your ideal customer whilst it can be challenging, is necessary, and can prove both profitable and rewarding in the long run. After all, if you don’t know who your ideal customer is, how can you create a marketing strategy or message to engage with?