Why is it important to Market your Business?

When you setup a business one of the fundamental questions you should ask yourself, is, how will I inform my potential clients that 1. I exist?, and 2. That I offer the products or services that they need?  If you haven’t considered that, then chances are no one will find out about what you do and it will be a slow climb to find customers.

Surprisingly, most business assume that once they are setup and are operating, that the clients will come to them, and all they have to do is create a listing in a directory or create a Website or put an AD in the paper, and whilst this has merit, and will give them some exposure, its but a drop in the ocean. Marketing is paramount to success, and most aspects of your business directly or indirectly depend on it. Without going into any great detail, Marketing is the overall umbrella that covers the following…Advertising, PR (Public Relations), Promotions and Sales.

Your business’s lifeblood is its customers, you need them to survive, thrive and grow, so it is important and incumbent on you to maximize your customer base. To do that of course, you need to Market yourself, your brand, your business, and the key to Marketing your business is understanding your product/service, knowing your competitors, knowing your point of difference, and more importantly, knowing who your ideal customer is.

So why is marketing so important? For any business to succeed, the product or service it provides must be communicated to potential customers, without marketing, your customers may never find you or be aware of your business offering… No Customers -> No Business. Using marketing to promote your product, service and company/brand, provides your business with the lifeblood it needs to survive.

We will follow up with a series of blogs around marketing that will cover what’s trending in the market?, what’s right for you? The key to understanding your product/service, and its place in the market, the importance of leveraging on your point of difference, knowing who your Ideal customer is? and much, much more…