At Organic Seeds, we have a very customized approach to our service offering.  We come to you, we sit with you to understand your business and the areas you want to focus on. We then present our findings to our team of specialists, who brainstorm ideas and strategies with your focused areas in mind, and then we meet with you again to present our proposal and discuss our strategy and plan to help you realize those goals.


Social Setup/Coaching

We believe in harnessing the power of social media to help you setup and maintain your digital footprint. Having a dedicated resource or getting a marketing agency to maintain your digital profile can be quite expensive.

At Organic Seeds, we have cost effective solutions that will meet your needs and budget. You can choose from our "Do it yourself" package that involves us sitting with you to setup your social profiles, and then training you on the how, when and where to focus your attention for the best results or choose our "Do it for me" package, where as the name suggests, we do it all for you or you might want a blend of both, the "Do it together" package, where we work in close consultation with you for the optimum result.

We also have individual training sessions on some of the more popular Social Media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where we not only teach you how to set it all up, but also how to best use it to promote your business.

Keep an eye out for our regular training sessions conducted in and around Gippsland, click on our Workshops page for more detail.

Business Coaching

At Organic Seeds, we partner with small business to help them realise their goals.

Our approach starts with analysing the existing business and developing ideas and strategies in conjunction with the business owner to increase growth and profitability. 

We look at all areas of the business for improvements, from Staff, Processes, Financial, to Marketing and Advertising, and will formulate a plan to address these areas in close consultation with the business owner.

Request a business evaluation and see what we can do for you.

Website Development

We develop aesthetically pleasing websites to suite your budget, from a basic information only site to an E-Commerce site (Online Shop) and everything in-between.

We use either Wix or Shopify as our web development platform, which offers a variety of templates and formats to choose from, and we work with you to develop and present your content. Our websites not only focus on the visual aspect, they also incorporate content that is SEO optimised, along with Blogs, Galleries, Video, Contact and Social Media integration.  

On completion of the website, we will teach you how to update and maintain your content, or for a minimal cost we can do that for you.

Staff, Teams And Culture

At Organic Seeds, we believe that the most valuable asset in a business, is its people, without it, the business is just a shell. Any plans to grow and develop your business has to start with your employees, they are the foundation, the corner stone, and therefore need to be nurtured and nourished to achieve success. The key to this success, is creating a culture within your organisation, one that is welcoming, engaging, exciting and most of all desirable.

Our team at OS has a wealth of knowledge around teams, staff, coaching and development, we will help you develop your most valuable asset, and create a culture that recognises and embraces shared values, attitudes and standards.

Contact us today, and we can look at creating some plans around any of the following:

  • Self Motivation Techniques
  • Team Motivation Techniques
  • Team Building
  • Sales Techniques
  • Customer Service 
  • Performance Management and KPI's
  • ROI
  • Developing and Maintaining Good Culture
  • Rewards and Recognition 
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